Known for their conceptual design approach, Reuber Henning has enjoyed the reputation of an international label for handmade rugs for over 10 years. Despite their artistic background, Franziska Reuber and Birgit Krah place great value on not producing works of art or status symbols. Instead, their rugs embody the Berlin-based duo’s passion for traditional craftsmanship, high-quality materials and smart storytelling. What makes their rugs so special is the story behind each individual design. The magic and special nature of their rugs only becomes apparent at second glance – and this is very much intentional. Reuber Henning is interested in precisely this interpretation and not in quick gimmickry.


For Franziska Reuber and Birgit Krah, a rug defines the soul of a space. It’s the basis for the modern home and serves for contemplation and leisure in ever faster times. Over the years, rugs become indispensable roommates – that’s Reuber Henning’s mission. With durable designs and modern casualness, they’ve been making this possible for customers around the world for over a decade.

© Grossmann / Schürle

© Ragnar Schmuck

© Michael Zalewski
© Peter Fehrentz