Our goal is to rethink space and reinvent inspiring living environments. The spectrum of our work extends from customized living spaces, modular wooden constructions to the conversion of industrial buildings. Our clients are, among others, assemblies of future residents on a tight budget, with high expectations regarding energy efficiency and the range of space uses, as well as individuals who aim for perfection regarding the functional and design quality. Together with developers we implement high-quality residential and commercial buildings, including in densed urban areas.

Name:Hirschmüller Schindele ArchitektenWebsite:http://www.hsarchitekten.com

We understand the Genius Loci as a complex, dynamic source of information with a strong impact on the creation of projects. Our office develops architectural hybrids which match the marking qualities and tensions of a place with the high requirements of spatial concepts. As experts in energy planning we develop, together with our partners, refined concepts for new constructions or for the energy efficient restoration of older buildings towards active or passive house standards.

Currently, our attention is focused on the development of repeatable concepts for the creation of affordable housing with the intention to shape vibrant neighborhoods with a sustainable, long-term perspective.