Are you looking for a new home or do you want to sell your property? Whether renting or buying, for your own use or as an investment – this is usually a time-consuming and emotional matter. We can accompany you along the path.

We will take the time you need to find your desired property and can offer you the highest possible standard of personalised and individual advice. Together, we will work out what’s right for you.

Our service is as individual as our customers are unique. Florin Immobilien (Real Estate) sees itself as a producer of special residential solutions.

It is not about a quick sale, or snappy business. We deal with the unique, the special, the exclusive; nothing off the rail.


Alongside our range of selected properties – we are also the place to come to if you are looking to sell or rent out your property. We take the greatest of care to search for, and find, the right partners for our customers. We are characterised by high-quality and accurate marketing.

Every property is individual. We will recognise what is special about yours, professionally value it and deploy our experienced photographers to create exceptional and effective photographs. This all creates an outstanding presentation. Our approach is holistic. With our network of co-operation partners, developers, architects, interior decorators, furniture makers, solicitors and notaries, we can offer you all the necessary services concerning the marketing, purchase, sale and rental of a property.

We will support you from the initial idea, to the contract and beyond. Our best reference is your satisfaction.

Any questions?